The Dare Denims

Aparnaa Mishra 26/05/2019

The dare denims are the category of people who do not ditch the denim in soaring temperatures too rather they add trend , style and tranquil palate to it. Denim , the queen of our wardrobe cool , casual , comfortable yet fashionable brings the zing and style. This eternal fashion trend is popular since 19th century and we have witnessed the classic trend since then.

The denim. has. evolved, over the year as a causal smart outfit though not considered as formal wear but it has got. a decent place in officewear on Saturdays .

So today you would witness the classic trends of dare denims –

#1The irresistible denim dress:

Going for a Sunday lunch , casual after work drinks , shopping in hot weather , Kitty parties and on any informal occasion the denim dress is perfect choice .

(Mrs Rachna Nagrath Sawbney from New Delhi)

This is the cool evening wear of Vibes adorn by Mrs Rachna Nagrath Sawhney (Mrs Glamorous India International ) and beautifully accessorized with denim catwalk footwear.

#2Denim shirt dress :

One of the most trending denim outfit can be styled with long shoes which can be accessorized with smart handbag and hoops. The denim shirt dress is from Fame Forever and the shoes from Mochi

Picture credit Alaainaah Mishra

#3Jacket over skin tight jeans :

The skin tight jeans is the most trending fashion . Pairing it with a T shirt or a shirt is your choice . Layering it with a smart jacket enhances the attire. Sneakers and glares further enriches the casual yet smart look.

Ms. Sinu Chandar is wearing black skin tight jeans and T shirt from Zara , Jacket from Vero Moda , sneakers from Dorothy Perkins and shades from forever new.

#4Denim over denim :

To create that chic style you can pair denim over denim to be in the category of dare denims . But you need to be a little wise while matching up . One of the examples can be seen in the following pictures where denim shorts from Westside are paired with another printed denim top from Soch .

Photo credit Alaainaah Mishra

#5Pinafore denim dress :

Another comfortable yet elegant dare denim style is wearing classic pinafore denim dress for an informal occasion . It accentuates your feminine ultra modern look and you stand out in the crowd. Checkout in the following pictures.

Mrs Rachna Nagrath Sawhney is wearing the Pinafore dress from vibes.

The lady is ready for a Sunday brunch .

Variation: You can wear a shirt or T inside.

#6Double denim :

You can use layering to elevate the look plus you can be saved from the sun tan . So with your shorts or three fourths team up a shrug or a long shirt as jacket or summer coat.Thats another smart way of adding trend to your comfort.To add a dash of elegance I have used pretty leather statement blue bag from Chumbak. Though this brand is very popular with teenagers and young college going girls. But nevertheless this was a real elegant piece , I always like to carry even though I crossed my teens long back.

Picture credit : Ojasvi Mishra

Picture credit Alaainaah Mishra

#7Denim breeze on the beach :

You can chill out on the beaches too in denim shorts. Denim lovers do innovate and don’t leave it alone at the beaches . Pair the denim shorts with georgette top or with any comfortable top as model is wearing in the picture.

Mrs Rachna Nagrath Sawhney

#8Paring with layering :

The next dare denims style is paring with layering. As you can see in picture the blue denim jeans have been paired with a T and a pink georgette long shirt. It adds up the length and height as it creates vertical line , thus hides fat also. You can use your imagination and create a fresh style .

Picture credit Alaainaah Mishra

#9Denim Dungarees and jumpsuits :

The above mentioned denim dungarees and jumpsuits are soaring the fashion chart presently. You must have these two in your wardrobe. Denim dungarees and jumpsuits fashion is outshing the normal jeansweaing . It is available online with Shein ,Only and in many other brands. You can find it in local market too since this street style is now making its place in huge stores of the city.

Source – Google . Denim dungarees from Shein

Only Casual jumpsuit ,

Source- Google

#10Cool denim culottes :

Another street style fashion , retro style banging the ramp and sneaking in our closet . It would look good on those people who are highly fit and tall.with thin waist. So wearing culottes is a very good idea but if you are able to pair it up with smart tucked in shirt , crop top or peplum top too.

Source Google

#11Jeans with T :

How come we can leave jeans with T shirt ? We have spent most of our time wearing that . So say cheers and keep wearing our favourite jeans with T shirt and honour the cool and casual age old tradition.

Mrs Sinu Chander

#12 Caprees with different tops.

The old age magic of caprees are still lasting as it’s so comfortable especially in summer . While traveling , shopping or can be worn for any casual occasion. It’s been a decade of its popularity though shorts are taking over now. But I still prefer caprees over shorts.

Picture credit Ojasvi Mishra

Now it’s time for you to flaunt your dare denim style.

References : Our own experience and innovation .

Special thanks to Mrs Rachna Nagrath Sawhney and Mrs Sinu Chandar who contributed their pictures to make the blog more effective .

Bring the zing to this spring

#Aparnaa Mishra 14thMarch2019,

Budding trees , blossoming flowers and the tender green grass , wind possessing floral fragrance , singing birds , dancing petals ,warmer and longer days bring a sprung and vigour……yes I am talking about the chirpy spring.

The queen of the season is bursting forth with enthusiasm . Why not celebrate the zing of spring ….!

I am buzzing out in self designed green garara and flared Kurti embellished with delicate floral Lace trim giving it a embroidered but dainty look. With delicacy of Lucknowi nazakat and Ada this sillohoute is taking ethnic fashion at chic peak. I used emphasis as element in this design . It avoids clutter plus eyes travel to the design where emphasis is given.

Photo credits – Sinu Chander
Designed by #Aparnaa Mishra

Now it’s your turn to look for a Sharara or garara trending in this season.Options are plenty. I have stated the options with following pictures which are sourced from Google Chrome.

#Team Sharara with long Kurti :

Source Google

Source Google

#Sharara with small frock style top:

#Full flared Sharara with short Kurti :

#Sharara with peplum top:

#Layered sharara with kameez :

I have given you few ideas use your creative pallete style one for you and post with your creation and your picture to me .

Reference : Except picture one all other pictures are taken from Google Chrome for illustration.

The last curtain call!

Ojasvi Mishra. 15th Feb 2019

44 in a convoy

Because they can’t go by air

A mere print of this tabloid

And everybody said it was unfair

Surgical Strike 2

Bloody revenge without further ado

Requires cleansing nationwide

From within and outside

Miracles are not required

Talks are not awaited

No accords, songs or cricket

Just a bit back is well expected

For the Government is to represent the anger in its people

For in this series, this was yet another sequel

On this day again we surrender the pseudo democracy we admire!

My men wallow in blood

Their families are lathered in tears

She creates the olive green

She cremates the olive green

And in this tolerance and diplomacy

How many times shall we leave them at mercy

This is revival of revolution , I want survival of my men and not just salutations

Let’s hit back yet again

We’ll end what they began

We are an India better evolved

Have the mujajedeens dead and jaish-e-mohammad dissolved

And years of the battle shall end with this mega attack

There will shine Sundays from the deadly black

We want no more red blood of men

We want to see green valleys again.

Let’s bring this to a final end!

– Ojasvi Mishra

Be Vibrant this wedding season.

Aparnaa Mishra 14th Feb 2019

Planning to attend a wedding of your close friends or relatives? Don’t be confused as you don’t have any other option than looking stunning. As Indian wedding is an array of customs , ceremonies and rituals . Let’s play with bright colours as an ethnic chic while everyone is trying to be different from the mainstream. Make it a style statement with a dash of glamour and comfort.

To match up with the many ceremonies and events here I present some innovation which I tried in one of the weddings rec#ently attended.

#1 Lehenga with a crop top :

Since all of us must be having one old lehenga lying in our cupboard. Let’s utilise it , why don’t we pair it with a crop top . This combination can be worn for some haldi or mehendi functions.

Variation : If you are not comfortable without chunni or sometimes at some places it’s mandatory to take chunni . Do use it. Match it with your lehenga or wear a combination!

#2 Lehenga with long kurti :

Once again you can pair one of your lehengas or heavily embroidered long skirt with long flowing Kurti. We are doing it to tone down the heaviness of lehenga . It will add some glitz and glamour to the look if you use a long neckpiece . I leave it to your creativity now.

#3 Lehanga style :

The conventions never go out of relevance and to add the sparkle to the customs there needs to be one lehenga you own that makes you the star of the night. Lets make a mark as the traditional diva in this classic and customary attire. As I was in search of such a product . I found this Rawsilk maroon lehenga ready to wear with beautiful sequins work in a store named Koskii. This store has huge collection of ethnic wear . I recommend everyone must visit the store for classic ethnic wears.

#4Silk Mekhla Chador :

Indian wedding and silk sarees are inseperable thing . Since Benarasi silk is making a wave not only in India but on the world platform too. So we are going to concentrate on that by giving a little twist , inspite of saree I would recommend to wear my favourite Benarsi Silk Mekhla Chador straight from Assam . A culmination of the best of India the silk of Varanasi and the Mekhla of Assam . It gives a look of a saree but it’s a three piece dress and has a characteristic fold in the front that adds to the uniqueness.

Adorning jewellery along with gajra would actually bring the bling .

Enjoy this season the big fat Indian weddings with innovation till I come back with wedding season II

Photo credits : Ojasvi Mishra and Alaainaah Mishra.

Reference : My own aged experience and innovation.



Hiding Bellies in your 40’s

Aparnaa Mishra. 17th May 2018

Are you in your 40’s and troubled with a flab on your tummy…? Want to adorn the trendy attire but can not …? Ladies no need to worry as life starts at forty. We must strive to lose that extra baggage from our tummy but how come that can shun us away from getting the trendy look….?

So let’s take the charge , explore and experiment….here are some fabulous ensembles for you.

Look # 1 – Bottle Green Torry dress :

Bottle green is the hot selling colour to look cool in this season. The length of the dress is hiding the mid section and drawing away the attention towards the shoes and legs.

Belt which is a little above the belly helps to take away attention again from tummy to the upper part and accentuate the shape.

Variation : This dress can be worn without belt with long boots too.

Look # 2 : Black and White checkered midi dress :

Bang on in a party with a formal look in black and white midi or wear it on a Sunday brunch . This signature AND midi dress is essential for your wardrobe . The slit in the sleeves adds the classy look .

Avoid overaccessorizong as it loses the affect and you are completely lost into it. A pair of thread tassels earrings matching with the dress and a black footwear completes the look.

Look # 3 – Long flowing skirt with a crop top :

One must experiment as I dared to wear this Bombay Paisley crop top and a flowing long skirt of Utsa. Believe me it worked . Correct your posture , wear it with heels and a hairdo which makes you look taller.If you want you can wear it with shaper/spanx too.

Your hairdo , makeup and earrings would divert all the attention on upper part of your body and that’s the trick we want to play.

Look # 4 – Palazzo with long asymmetrical top :

Sensational palazzos are overpowering the fashion trend for quite sometime.As they are extremely comfortable yet look elegant.Team it up with long asymmetrical top to hide the bulge. Since it’s a good idea to wear while going for shopping or anywhere you can dress casually. So have them in few nos. in your wardrobe. It’s best available in W , Global desi and Westside . Accessorise as per your comfort and wish.

Look # 5 – Dhoti salwar with red peplum top :

Dhoti salwar paired with short peplum top is the fashion statement and still making the wave in the age of palazzos.It is so comfortable in summers as it allows the skin to breathe and the falling pleats give an amazing look to the peplum top enriches the look as it highlights the upperwaist portion and carefully conceals the bulge.

This indo-western amalgamation would define your look and it is perfect for informal occasions. So be ready to make your wardrobe more vibrant with this exquisite wear.

Don’t wait, rush, explore and , enjoy Happy experimenting….!!

Reference : My own years of experience as I have been part of the fashion industry.

Photo credits : Ojasvi Mishra and Alaainaah Mishra.

Incredible Oranges


Aparnaa Mishra. 12th Jan 2018

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away ” , all of us have grown up with the famous saying but if we replace an apple with an orange it would be more beneficial and healthier. The name orange itself refreshes and rejuvenates the mind . This sweet, tangy and juicy fruit is full of nutrients with multiple health benefits must be included in our daily diet. The reasons are many, we would go one by one.:

1.Good for heart :

Oranges which are rich in Vitamin C helps repair , regenerate tissues and protect against heart diseases , decreases bad cholesterol and triglycerides. So one glass of orange juice everyday can actually help you to keep your heart healthy.


2. Aids in absorption of iron and boosts healthy immune systen :

Regular intake of one glass of orange not only helps absorption of iron but boosts the immune system to prevent from many diseases or health problems.

3. For healthy and glowing skin:

High content of citric acid of oranges helps in skin exfoliation and drying out acne. For your healthy glowing skin use orange peels as scrub. Recipe for making orange scrub

* Dry orange peels properly .It should be completely dried then grind them into mixer nicely strain it with a fine strainer . Now use the finely strained part as face pack and coarse part as scrub.


4. Helps loosing weight and delays signs of ageing :

Rich in fibre , calcium plus low in calories is helpful in loosing weight or cutting fat if we talk in layman’s word . It is a wonderful start of a day . Antioxidants found in oranges fights free radicals thus slows down the wrinkles and improve firmness of the skin.

5. Patients suffering from gout can get some relief :

All those who are suffering from gout , uric acid gets deposited in joints and pains a lot. Studies says if oranges are eaten in moderation can help in eliminating uric acid as oranges are rich in citric acid and can give some relif in pain.

6. Boosts brain function :

Studies have confirmed the need of vitamin C for brain functions. Folate and folic acid present in an orange promotes brain development. The same nutrients make it best for a woman also as it prevents the baby from any neurological disorder later.

7. Great for diabetics :

People who suffer from diabetes are unable to absorb glucose since the beta cells present in their pancreas have either failed to produce insulin or body cells unable to respond to the insulin produced.Oranges are high in fibre content and have a high glycemic index which is very good option for diabetics.The best thing is that as diabetics are not allowed to have any sugary food but they can have oranges. Avoid having orange juice because that can be dangerous.

8. Prevents loss of hair :

Vitamin C in abundance is responsible for producing collagen , which keeps the tissues together in our hair and prevents hair loss.


9. Good for eyes :

As we grow old our eyes too detoriate . Oranges which are rich in Vitamin A, C and potassium are great for your eyes . So if we want our eyes in good health then we must eat oranges everyday.

10. Relieves constipation:

One more very important health benefit is that oranges are rich in fibres , which stimulates digestive juices and relieves constipation.

So eat oranges and get many health benefits. But eat in moderation especially patients suffering from gout , diabetes and patients suffering from acidity . People suffering from acidity should not eat oranges or orange juice empty stomach.They must eat it or drink juice with breakfast or after having breakfast or after breakfast.

Patients whose kidneys are not working completely should not be having too many oranges because it is rich in potassium and medicines of such patient already increase potassium levels in body . So eating oranges can increase their potassium levels then desired level .It is advisable to consult your doctor.

” Therefore eat an orange a day and get healthier in many ways.”

Stay healthy and happy.

References : Live Sciences > Health

Oranges : Health Benefits , Risks & Nutrition Facts by

Jessie Szalay , Live science contributor.

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