Winter Glam Book 2020

Aparnaa Mishra 21/12/2020

Winter is the season when the whole world celebrates grandeur. There’s something magical about wintertime. There is a special stillness in the air. To beat the winter blues we unfold life from our igniting spirit where life seems sprinting , running , laughing and enjoying the winters. I personally enjoy winters for getting lot of opportunities for layering beautifully in warm colour outfits. The aroma of hot coffee and bonfire with old music of seventies adds to the merry-making. So let’s unfold the joy together .

#Red Classic Lapel Jacket:

As hot fashion evolves in winters only and I love dressing up in my favourite season. As I’m staying in not a very cold city in winters but this time December has started with a slightly colder winter so to get a ‘Winter chic look ‘ I have simply worn a red classic lapel jacket on warm and thick leggings and paired it with boots and statement global desi earrings.

Aparnaa Mishra

#Winter Chic – Skirt :

Chilly cold days have already knocked our doors and to achieve a chic-classic look with short skirt. Pairing a black hugging T – Shirt with a short skirt is a great idea if you are pulling on thicker tights underneath the skirt for a colder climate .To make it classic I further added a shawl lapel coat which is accessorized with calf length boots , smart hoop earrings and a statement hand bag. How did you like the ensemble…?

Variation : A layering can be done with a warm short sweater on the t -shirt for more colder places .

Aparnaa Mishra

#Mustard Coat

If sophisticated and classy is your style then layering with this smart Marks and Spencer’s Mustard long coat on skin tight jeans with a matching coloured top is a fabulous idea. Don’t forget to wear ankle length or calf length boots to add the glamour quotient to the outfit.!

Aparnaa Mishra

#Staple Sweater Dress :

You must have one in your wardrobe. This black and body hugging sweater dress is an utterly timeless fashion staple, warm and very comfortable on those cold night parties and creating this look is so easy that’s why it’s in vogue. This perfect professionally chic ensemble is timeless staple which never goes out of style. You can use a scarf also to elevate the look of your dress.

Aparnaa Mishra

#Pull on a Sweater :

Keep it simple is the mantra for this look . Sometimes a pull over looks good with skinny jeans and calf length boots . To achieve a more glam and chic look just try hoops that have uncanny ability to draw the eyes towards your face while the red pullover grabs all the attention.

Aparnaa Mishra

#Warm Palazzo Pants :

Styling your warm Palazzo pants with a crop top or a T – shirt is a trending thing.So featuring a warm and comfortable Palazzo pants for an informal look I have teamed it up with Loafers to enhance the comfort and style for this effortlessly chic look. You can wear a hand knitted small sweater or you can take a smart scarf over it.

Aparnaa Mishra

#Sweater Styled Cape :

Cape is one thing that can add that extra glam to your winter outfit. It breaks the usual trend . Just throw on a cape and look instantly chic. The block heels with tight jeans giving it a swanky look. This is good for casual wear.You can stand the style and stay comfortable at the same time.

Aparnaa Mishra

#Poncho Styled Cape :

These capes look so feminine and gorgeous. This is perfect for casual and informal wear. You definitely look like a fashionista if you pair it with knee high boots . Though I have adorned it with block heels to add more elegance to it.

Aparnaa Mishra

Keeping Christmas in my mind I have gone for reds so much . Red peps up the mood and radiates warmth. So revamp your wardrobe or I say take out every thing you have style them once again and create a new look as repeating your dress is new normal for sustainability , I am really having fun as I really love repeating my dresses.

Because of the COVID , This winter I have generally used whatever I have collected over the years. If you want to know about any source of purchase . Ask me in reply box .

Photo Credits : Alaainaah Mishra and Ojasvi Mishra.

Reference : My own experience.

My favorite brand Bombay Paisley

Aparnaa Mishra


Fashion is not only the way of life but reflection of our inner beauty . Fashion is an expression of your individuality too.

So as an individual my favourite brand is Bombay Paisley .It was established in 2008.It flashes colour and life with glamour and elegance in an urban woman’s wardrobe.The Feminine silhouette of it gives an eternal style to the outfit and wins many hearts. The perfect fusion of ethnic design , exclusive prints and thoughtful details makes it very classic. It sets up the tone and attitude in the persona .It caters not only for slim and fit people but for the ones who use XL size too.

So Lets take a fashion tour of the favourite brand in my wardrobe.

#1 Floral Print Flowy dress :

This summer floral print dress looks so pleasant and soothing to the eyes. It’s flowy, breathable, lightweight and suitable for our tropical climate

This gorgeous dress is perfect for casual and format wear both. The irregular hemline makes it intersting and draws attention towards it .

I have paired this dress with strappy heals for a day formal look but you can get a casual look just by throwing it on boots , sneakers and sandals.

#2 Elegant Black Long dress:

This elegant black dress is a masterpiece. The sway of this dress swoons over as fusion of ethnic print and western silhouette adds class to the outfit.

Perfect for formal and casual wear . I have paired it with heals and black metal bangles to add further bling to it.

It’s perfectwear for get togethers , latenight parties and dinner dates .

#3Pink Fit and Flare Dress :

The fit and flare is just trending thing . The dreamy Macro floral print and it’s bell sleeves creates a soft elegance .

For the Spring Summer special look let this monochromatic piece blossom for your holidays , shopping , dayout and Sunday brunch too and during lockdown at home too.

#4 Red Asymmetrical dress :

This is appropriate for all the time dress and perfect blend of functionality and style. Elegant evening or casual lunch date , one can adorn it for without giving a second thought.

Look#4 Grey floral sundress :

This chic pink floral sundress is extremely quintessential for summer . You can glide in to loafers for casual look or a classic long boots with this exceptionally comfortable dress. To add more interest and bling wear a pink statement scarf. How do you find this umbrella accessorizing…?

#Look5Smart Crop tops :

To this crop top I have used for saree. It looks amazing for its multi-function use. As it can be paired with Palazzo and long skirt too.

Another crop top paired with skirt and saree.

Revamp your wardrobe once the lockdown gets over. Till then stay home and stay safe.



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Photo Credits :Ojasvi Mishra

and Alaainaah Mishra


Reference :

The embellished throne

Aparnaa Mishra. 18/11/19

The fauji boxes are the most precious Jewel of an army wife. It is more than any ceremonial chair for us.
As our whole life moves with boxes . It’s not less than a treasure hunt , whenever we open a box we find in some corner of that box lying some stuff which unravels fondest memory and we tend to again fill it up with same old cherished things and children are always excited to hear the untold stories. That’s how we are attached to our relations not so easy to break and leave and keep carrying them along with love and care.

That’s why I am sitting on my most embellished throne. This box has stayed with my husband more than I have stayed with him and it has moved so many times than actually you can’t fathom.

Wearing a designer dress of Bombay Paisley with my favorite black metal bangles. I think I adorned it after my college days the black metal bangles and I got them lying in one of my trunk one week back only. So this dress was found to teamed up with my age old bangles.

Photo credits :

Alaainaah Mishra

Festivities ; A lookbook of Saree Swag.

Aparnaa Mishra. 13/11/19

India the Vibrant and colourful land of fairs , festivals and celebrations , culture and customs , rituals , beliefs and faith .With the advent of Navratri in autumn, the change of season is celebrated as Navratri , the nine days of fasting gets the system ready for smooth transition of weather change . Durga Pooja is celebrated with the reverence to Goddess Durga. Maa Durga is worshipped as Goddess of power and Slayer of evil. For many people it’s time of religious reflection and for others it’s time to dance and feast i.e Garba and Dandiya .

It would be unjust if we talk about festivities and don’t talk about festive fit attires . Here I am presenting the Saree swag Festive look of this season with my saree sisters.
For playing Dandiya we choose whites as perfect attire .

A white dress have been paired with a gujrati ethinic jacket and black metal jewelery along with silver Paazeb.

Flamboyant lehenga from Gujrat . Vibrant colour combination with intricate mirror and thread work. Minaz Khan looks resplendent in this soft silk Chaniya Choli. She is working with Covergys, a very independent person with her progressive thoughts and sareeing is her favorite hobby.

Bina Marcia is ready for Dandiya in her unique style. Bina Mardia ,CEO at Transform image consulting studio and a very active member of Saree swag ( Saree Swag is a private group on fb which promotes Saree wearing and Indian culture ). She is an expert in different and unique saree draping style.

Each of the day of Navratri
is dedicated to nine avatars of Goddess Durga and each of the colour symbolises a quality of Devi.

In Saree swag too we were really enthusiastic to follow the Colour theme.

Orange coloured printed silk saree is worn on the first day of Navratri to welcome and worship Shailputri. This colour signifies energy and happiness. The saree is worn over the lehenga .

Mrs Sudeshna Bhatttacharya is adorning a wonderful white linen saree along with a cloth jewelery to worship Ma Brahmacharini . She is an engineering graduate. An experienced corporate person , content writer and a Saree enthusiast , very active member of Saree swag.

Mrs Lily Kapoor is clad into Laal Paar saree too. She has an asthetic sense . She improvises the look by her unique style . A real saree admirer .

Third day or triitya. Red the colour of confidence and fearlessness. Mrs Sunita Singh draped red chiffon to worship Ma Chandraganta.Mrs Sunita Singh is teacher by profession and proficient in many languages. A very cheerful person and an active member of Saree Swag.

Namita Sanjay Chinchankar is cladded in a bright yellow traditional Jamdani dhakai saree to worship Goddess Skandmata on Panchami. Namita is saree enthusiast and full of life. She has a huge collection of saree which she potrays with elegance in Saree swag.

Anusua Chakrobarty is wearing a purple Dhakai Jamdani silk saree on Ashtami to worship the Goddess Mahagauri. Mrs Anusua Chakrobarty is a very cheerful person full of life . She dazzles in traditional sarees and leaves a mark to follow . She is a very active member of Saree Swag.

On Shashthi or the sixth day , green colour is worn , which signifies new beginning and growth . We worship Goddess Katyayani on that day . Presenting my swag with Upada silk saree .

Fasting customs include strict vegetarian diet and abstaining from alcohol and minus garlic and onion paste containing food. It is done for a purpose , we convert scientific things to religious beliefs as I mentioned above for the smooth transition of weather which effects the metabolism also , fasting during this season or eating light makes it easy. Navratri is also known as Durga Puja. It commomerates the victory of Maa Durga over demon Mahishasura on all nine days and on the tenth day (Dassara ) Visarjana of Durga to return from her maika(the home before marriage) to her consort by immersion in nearby rivers.

In West Bengal , Assam , Tripura ,Odhisha , Bihar and Jharkhand , Durga Puja is celebrated with a big bang . It is fun and frolic on streets, lit up pandals are set and so our beautiful ladies too in Laal par saree to play Sindoor Khela at the time of Visarjan Puja of Vijay Dashmi .

Picture contributed by Anusua Chakrobarty and Namita Sanjay Chinchankar.


Bina Mardia is clad into a leheriya saree which is draped in pant style on occasion of Dussehra.

#Karwa Chauth:

The most celebrated fast with jazz and bling from Indian women who seek longevity , prosperity and well being of their husband. It is celebrated four days after Poornima(a full moon) in the month of Kartik. This fast is very popular amongst the married women in the Western and the northern part of India but these days

mostly all ladies keep this fast in India.

So witness the beautiful look of our Saree Swaggers this Karwa Chauth.

This Karwa Chauth I tried a different look . Paired a long ethnic skirt of or lehenga with a crop top from de moza and a Benarsi dupatta by BIBA.

Mrs Akanksha Kohli is creating a lehenga look with a full silk dress and a heavy chunni . Flaunting her mehendi. She is a very charming and an active member of Saree Swag.

Mrs Neelam Soni Saxena a very active member of Saree swag group on fb styled herself in red kota silk saree for this Karwa Chauth . She has informed that she has been a part of the of BJP cultural cell of Madhya Pradesh. A woman of substance love ‘saree-ing’ so elegantly. She is an active member of Saree swag.


Our radiant beauty draped in Benarsi saree for Karwa Chauth with complete shringar.

Mrs Sandhya Verma former Astt Management Professor in Mumbai. Blend of beauty and brain. Now devoting full time to her home. A passionate dancer and a saree enthusiast is wearing red Benarsi saree for her Karwa Chauth.

Mrs Rashmi Golya is showcasing her exquisite look for Karwa Chauth . She is wearing a Chanderi silk ,new launch of Mrignayani. Nature by silk.She is TV and theatre artist. A soft silk trainer and very active in social work.

*Red has been the sizzling pick of this Karwa Chauth.

#Deepawali :

The festival of lights , Deepawali celebrates the return of Lord Rama , Sita and Lakshmana to Ayodhya after 14 years in exile. It is marked as victory of forces of good over evil.

The enthusiasm gears up and we start cleaning our houses before Deepawali. We clean our house as rainy season ends .India is a tropical country where most of the heat is generated from dust and germs and insects are produced during rainy season and humidity reached to low ,we start cleaning our house or applying cowdung in villages which worked as disinfectant and killed the germs. We Indians assimilate science with Dharma so well and we beautifully get the house cleaned out ready for Goddess Laxmi for Laxmi Poojan. Traditions and science go hand in hand . My mother told me whatever rituals and customs we follow has a scientific value.

After that home decoration, shopping , gifts , performing religious rituals , Mesmerising Rangolis, illuminating decorative lamps and earthern lamps called ‘diyas’ . I still treasure the memories of my grandfather bringing earthen toys to play especially the kitchen set . We must try to bring back those beautiful magical moments in our kid’s life where we remained happier in what ever little we had . We got less materials and lots of attention , care and love from our parents.

The splendour of Deepawali can also be seen through the glitz and glamour of our Saree swaggers, (Saree swag is a private group on Facebook which promotes saree wearing and Indian culture .) dazzling in their traditional sarees .

I am wearing weaver’s favorite Benarsi Saree for pre Deepawali bash in my grand favorite style , seedha palla.

Aparnaa Mishra

Mrs Neelam Soni Saxena has made her traditional best style in bold Chanderi silk on this Deepawali evening .

Mrs Rekha Kalbhor is wearing a beautiful navvari khun saree with khun blouse. She further added traditional jewelry to enhance her look. She is an active member of Saree swag.

Mrs Sunita Singh , Mridu Srivastava and Usha Singh showcased her immense talent by presenting the Mesmerising Rangoli.

Mrs Singh is wearing a traditional Sharara for the Deepawali evening.

Mrs Mridu Srivastava has created a very graceful look in beautiful off-white silk saree with golden border. She is a wonderful and lively person .

Mrs Usha Singh looks elegant in her Red silk saree to Deepawali special evening .Mrs Usha Singh is very talented and well traveled person.

She adores her hot pink jamdani saree and flaunting her splendid jewelery with great vigour and enthusiasm.

I too tried the sizzling red south silk saree for Deepawali glam and a Benarsi saree for Pre Deepawali bash.

The celebration can not be completed without my two important friends . Anupama and Leena.

Anupama is draping a pink and green tussar silk saree for Deepawali.She is running a NGO Anupama Foundations. HOD at Amity University and CEO of Mayo Medical Centre, Lucknow .

Mrs Leena Singh , lights diyas in Assam silk . She is self employed and a person with full of life.

I am elated to present you with the different look and exquisite sarees and weaves of India popularly worn during festivals of India . I am putting this saree extravaganza to an end though the festivities continues….

Special thanks to Mrs Bina Mardia , Mrs Namita Sanjay Chinchankar, Mrs Anusua Chakrobarty ,Mrs Minaz Khan, Mrs Sunita Singh, Mrs Sudeshna Bhattacharya, Mrs Lily Kapoor , Mrs Rashmi Golya, Mrs Usha Singh, Mrs Mridu Srivastava , Mrs Rekha Kalbhor, Mrs Neelam Soni Saxena , Mrs Sandhya Verma, Mrs Akanksha Kohli, Mrs Anupama Singh and Mrs Leena Singh for contributing their pictures to complete this festive special look book of saree swag.

Safari inspired look

Aparnaa Mishra. 18/09/19

Safari , the adventure ride packed with amazing adventure sports , forest walks , sight seeing, exploring the enthralling jungle staying in private lodge and observing animals in their natural habitat . We must be prepared to hit the right dressing attitude as one spends quite a huge time outside . So let’s bask in the glory of safari special look.

Look#1 : Trousers with a jacket :

The first and foremost rule of this look is comfort because style follows the comfort. So a pair of white trousers with sage green jacket paired with long boots , glares and hats gears you up with the safari look#1 of our Safari look book .

Your enthusiasm will add the attitude to your persona.

So keep the cheerful spirit on and refresh yourself.

Look#2 : Blue short tribal print dress :

Look #2 has a safari chic look , try this sassy , short blue tribal dress of Shein brand with leather boots , hats and a sling bag from Agra.

you are ready for your exciting and adventurous Safari ride.

This elegantly casual outfit is perfect for Safari dinner as well .

Look#3: Exhilarating ready red tribal safari look:

The distinct dress style of the hornbill festival . The whole place looked as though a town painted in red .The warmth and aura of red simply makes it mesmerizing. In order to mingle I decided to join the colourful display and celebration of exhilarating red . So I teamed black jeans , red flared shirt with tribal designed poncho and long leather boots . Believe me it was a marvellous experience.

Look#4 : Grey floral sundress :

As hangover of hornbill festival’s thrilling red experience is still on so let’s not go back to the neutrals but add some more colour to the floral tint sundress . The pink statement scarf adds bling to the dress . Though the long boots still let it remain classic and comfortable with a sling bag.

Look#5: Forest green shrug khakhi dress :

Our next look plays up with the blending colours , khakhi and forest green pairing up with black boots and army print stole. And you are done with our another safari inspired look.

Look#6 : Animal prints :

Safari look can not be completed without animal prints . So for the night safari or day ride, try animal print too for a safari statement look .

Look#7 : Relaxed and cozy evening look for bonfire :

At the end of the day you need to chill out and get relaxed by sitting near the cozy fire and enjoying some music to gear up for the next morning ride. For that you need to wear some very relaxing and comfortable outfit. Even a normal T shirt and shorts will bring the comfort.

So we have come to an end of this Safari inspired look session. Hope to see you soon on your Exciting camping and Safari tours .






References : My trip to Masaimara

My own age old experience in fashion industry.

Photo credits : Alaainaah Mishra

and Ojasvi Mishra

Madhubani Saree Paintings

Author : Aparnaa Mishra

Dated : 16Aug2019

The mesmerizing Madhubani or Mithila paintings were originated from Mithila region of Bihar in India and extensively done in neighbouring Nepal. The beautiful art form involves geometric patterns representing various occasions in life such as festivals , marriages , rituals and poojas etc in detailed depictions.


Traditionally , the painting is done by natural vegetable dyes and pigments . The painting tools are really interesting; twigs , sticks , fingers , matchsticks , nibpens and brushes. The magical art form is practised by woman folk of that region, gradually Madhubani attained the place and treasured as national heritage.

Historical Background :

Historically, it is in the times of Lord Janaka father of Goddess Sita ruled over Nepal ( Presently Janakpur) once ordered that the wall of palace to be decorated for his daughter’s marriage . Bhitti Chitra , the traditional form of art was undertaken for decorating the walls of the palace. Bhitti Chitras were the inspiration and are responsible for Madhubani paintings to emerge . Thus it was passed from generation to generation and paintings started to adorn the houses of that region. Soon they became an integral part of the festivities and important events. Later many Indian artists took this art form to the global stage.

Madhubani painting is the symbolic expression of day to day experiences ,feelings and thoughts .The symbols which are used by maithilis painters have their specific meanings like fish symbolizes fertility , procreation and good luck. Peacocks are associated with romantic love and religion and serpents are the divine protectors . The paintings are by vibrant use of colour, natural and geometric motifs , religious and exemplary figures.

Madhubani paintings can be classified into different categories like

• Bharni

• Kachani

• Geru


• Godana

• Tantrik

Among these Bharni , Kachani and Godana are very popular in Mithila region.

Bharni uses solid colours to shade and fill the pictures. It uses black outline filled with Vibrant colours and mythological characters in epics especially in Ramayana .Bharni is mostly done on canvas.

Line paintings or Kachani are done by woman .In those paintings artisans use maximum lines rather than colours. They depict village or religious scenes. One or two colours are used with muted hues .

Godna paintings are known as tattoo in modern day. It was done on arms and legs. Lampblack ink was used with pointed bamboo pen.

The pictorial alphabets began to include lines , waves ,circles , sticks and snails opening the way to stylization. And thematically it is always based on mythology. Great traditions to date offer tribute to Hindu Dieties like Krishna- Radha , Shiv- Parvathi, Shri Ganesha and Maa Durga . Natural scenes flora and fauna which are a significant part of life of this school of painters also entered the domain of Godna paintings.

Tantrik includes manifestations of Maha Kali , Durga and other symbols.

Kohbar : The paintings or Chap done on the wall using haldi or colors .

Geru: style is thick black lines with an absence of ornamentation.

Since Mithila is the birthplace of Sita so the artisans visualize the several scenes of Ramayana in their canvas. Besides that peacocks, birds , fish ,animals and other natural life along with flora and fauna are painted.

After Bhitti chitra( wall art ) , Pata Chitra ( canvas painting ), Aripan ( Floor painting ) this exquisite art form moved to paper in 1960’s. As paper is moveable it brought new freedom and creativity along with it.

Paintings on clothes and Sunmica’ followed it. Now women paint on Sarees and dupattas with fabric paints.

This classic Madhubani painting saree is an elaborate painting. The natural colour of geecha silk is playing as canvas to the painting.

The painting in pallu depicts the scene of wedding Jaymala of Goddess Sita and Ram along with other brother and sisters . This painting seems to be Kachani style as several lines have been to used to make the design denser .

Swayamvar Jaimal of Goddess Sita and Ram

We can see as the painting has been further elaborated with lotus , fish , peacock, flowers , birds as well . This design has been done on Pallu or Anchal .

Birds on the pallu

Fish on the pallu

Peacock on pallu

Wedding Scene of Saree Border

Saree is full of this kind of floral design.

Photo Credits :Alaainaah Mishra.

Ojasvi Mishra

References :

Folk paintings and Linearity of Bihar : Shodhganga

Penkraft : Elegant Writing

5 distinctive styles of Madhubani painting

Paat Silk of Assam

Aparnaa Mishra. 4thAug2019

The silk weaving village Sualkuchi was established in 17th century by Momai Tamuli Barbarua a great administrator of Ahom kingdom . Since then the weaving story of Munga, Paat, and Eri silk is etched on the globe.

Paat silk is one of the finest silk found in Assam . Weaver’s favorite, and famous for it’s regal appeal . The shining white and cream colour imparts an elevated vibe. The natural sheen , brightness and glossy quality makes it outstanding . It is light in weight and appears to be delicate though very durable in nature.

A moth which feeds on plant known as Nuni ( white mulberry plant ) is used for preparing Paat Silk.

The paat sarees are inspired by nature with their traditional motifs that include flowers, human figurines , animal motifs, flowers , creepers and ornamental motifs. However the design vary from tribe to tribe . The motif usually embellish the saree around the border elaborately and in the middle. The motif on the saree is of Gos buta tribe as it’s showing its geometrical pattern.

The paat silk takes pride in being traditional and not trying much into the contemporary style.

This off-white saree with natural sheen has the pristine beauty of orange and black motif, which adds the grandeur of saree. This skin friendly saree is organic in nature. Because of the sheer unique colour combination I grabbed it from the Manchester of Assam or north east , Sualkuchi village , 35 kms away from Guwahati.

Why should we buy Paat Silk ?

• Paat is one of the finest silk .

• It is very durable .

• It is a handloom product.

• It is our age old traditional saree.

• To promote and admire the artisans and craftsmanship.

•It is skin friendly as it is organic in its composition

Special thanks to Mrs Ajanta Choudhary and Mrs Pallabi Kataki who helped me to identify the kind of motif made on the saree belonged to which tribe .

Photo credits : Ojasvi Mishra and Alaainaah Mishra.

References :

The Classic whites

Aparnaa Mishra 25/07/2019

The simple , peaceful , pure , virgin , innocent and heavenly colour white embraces my heart and I am sure yours too. The moment I see a crisp white or soft flowing white dress my fashion palate gets activated .White soothes my mind and keeps me motivated and positive.

The royality of whites are exquisite.It’s colour of perfection ,calmness and freshness which absorbs all the colours thus signifies beginning , balance and a positive open mind.

White is the colour of encouragement and hope, it purifies your mind , thoughts and spirit. It channelises your entire energy system.

To soothe your mind with positive vibes I hereby present these stimulating whites.

#1White Palazzo and Aline kurti:

Thick forests and coffee plantations of a beautiful hill station Coorg , far from the hustle bustle of city brought a calming effect on me . I choose to wear my favorite white kurti and white Palazzo from Westside to add up that meditating ambience.

#2White long flowing dress with trending crochet work :

This elegant white flowing dress has intricate crochet work which enhances the dainty look of the dress. This dress can be worn on formal occasions with high heels though I have adorn it with a flat and comfortable footwear to give it a little informal look enhancing flow , continuity and progression.

Mrs Aparnaa Mishra

#3White Short -Shirt Dress :

My one more favorite screen printed white short shirt dress is from global desi. To add the colour I have teamed it with an aqua green sling bag with a platform heel. Nothing much other than earrings are required and a fresh casual day look is created for Sunday brunch or for an informal get-together .

Mrs Aparnaa Mishra

#4White gown with golden tassles:

Witness this electrifying white look for a formal function. Stunning Mrs Rachna Sawhney , Mrs International , glamarous is adorning an exotic white gown with golden tassels . The hairdo and earrings add bling to overall look but fact remains white dominates and enhances the persona.

Picture contributed by Mrs Rachna Nagrath Sawhney, Mrs International , glamorous , a fashion influncer and active social worker.

#5White flowing long front slit dress :

The mersmerising whites uplift your persona and bring sophistication . We can actually spot our innocent beauty Mrs Sinu Chander in her exquisite White flowing long front slit dress . The beautiful slit adds the height to the eyes . The white outfit looks classy and asthetic. She carried the white very elegantly.

Picture contributed by Mrs Sinu Chander . An academic head of an institution. A person full of life.

#5White side slit dress:

Fashion you can buy but style you can possess. Listen to your inner muse , dress and become an architect of your own style.

I have styled my flats with a side slit dress with a blue handbag for my evening outing . This look can be perfect for a day outing too. The white here is boasting confidence and self expression.

#6 Long White Maxi Dress :

The ethinic and formal long Maxi white dress is enriched with sequins work and splendid jewelry . The poise of Mrs Rachna Sawhney has expressed her dignity and grace. White is reflecting here hope and creativity.

# 5White Chikankari suit :

White Chikankari suit straight from land of tahzeeb and ada. It is mandatory to have one in your wardrobe. The class of Lucknowi Chikankari suit is extraordinary. To bear the oppressive and unbearable heat , it is a soothing ensemble of serene grace.

#6The ultimate white drape:

Delicate , romantic dreamy and subtle light white saree with embroidery on it, is undoubtedly a delight. Beautiful , breezy soft cotton silk saree in white immensely breaking all the trends. Mrs Rashmi Golya and this saree makes an ultimate draping combination.

Mrs Rashmi Golya is , an academician , a soft skill trainer in various departments of Police, TV and theatre artist and part of film industry too. An ambassador of Run Bhopal Run Marathon where being a saree enthusiast she organises sareethon for women .She is also a brand ambassador of Tara Lifestyle Exhibition 2019 . She promotes saree wearing as a part of the Closed fb group Saree speak and Saree swag too .

Picture contributed by Mrs Rashmi Golya.

The timeless beauty of classic whites go on crawling and creeping in our wardrobes . Thus purity and positivity keep flowing in our lives.

Special thanks to Mrs Rachna Sawhney , Mrs Sinu Chander and Mrs Rashmi Golya.

References :

  1. Thoughts influnced by Spiritual Guru Sadguru Jaggi Vasdev and Spiritual guide B K Shivani .
  2. My own aged experience in the field of fashion industry .

Saree draping styles in India

Aparnaa Mishra. 8/07/2019

Saree comes first in our mind the moment we talk about the traditional Indian attire.The rich culture of India encompasses the beauty of six yards of elegance in form of saree. The word saree described\n in sanskrit as ‘Shaati’ means strip of cloth . The finest garment in the world has revered as majestic epitome of grace and elegance of Indian beauties and it’s rich heritage is still respected with great care by trendy ethinic fashionstas. The everlasting appeal of saree drape is still on and going strong. Saree speak ,Saree sakhis and now saree swag are the few closed groups on FB are the latest examples of that where ladies are gathered to make Saree draping popular , in addition to that generate interest and inspire others to do the same.To everyone’s surprise these groups have taken the saree wearing to the sea beaches , hill tops , places where snow falls , swimming pool , while riding the bicycle , horse and many more such adventrous activities where its not easy to wear saree.India is known for it’s unity in diversity over the globe for it’s rich cultural heritage and unique traditons , just as our saree has a different variations in every part of country from the fabric , design and draping styles too.It is said that 80 styles have been recorded so far.Let’s explore some gems of the treasure trove of different styles of saree draping in different states.

#1 Laal Paar Bengali Athpoure Saree :

The most recognizable saree draping style is Bengali style . It has box pleats in front and pallu comes from back to front on both sides Laal Paar saree means bright red border on white saree. This combination is considered very auspicious, white stands for purity and red for fertility. It is worn by married women mostly . It is worn at the time of Durga Puja or any religious ceremony.

Aparnaa Mishra

Aparnaa Mishra

Aparnaa Mishra

Mrs Leena Singh from Saree Swag has imbibed the beauty and grace of Bengali saree with shankh and pola.

#2Seedha Palla of Uttar Pradesh :

Uttar Pradesh has a rich cultural heritage. The traditional dress of this state is saree . Benarsi silk saree is the most popularly adorn on occasions like wedding and ceremonies .Woven with the threads of tahzeeb and sanskar Sedha palla is the unique style of draping the saree which enables a woman to move freely plus infuse grace and sophistication to the style .The classic and timeless Seedha palla saree draping style of Uttar pradesh has etched the world of fashion. This style has influenced other state too like Gujrat .It is mentioned in the pre historic epic period of Mahabharta . According to legend , Krishna moved to Dwarka after killing Kansa at Mathura. Lord Krishna”s migration from Mathura to Dwarka is closely associated with the culture of Gujrat. If we see the picture of Raasleela of ancient times we can see Radha and Gopiyan wearing Seedha palla . So it speaks itself that the Gujrat was influenced by Uttar pradesh .

Aparnaa Mishra

#3 Mekhla Chador from Assam with a unique fold:

Magnificent aura of mekhla chador of Assam is soaring the heights of international fashion. The traditional draping of mekhla chador with an exquisite fold in front is classic. Unlike other saree this is worn in two pieces with blouse. The bottom is worn as Sarong with pleats in front and another piece is worn like saree pallu and tucked below the left side with a fold.Benarsi silk and mekhla chador with vibrant color represents the amalgamation of two states but the draping style remains the same of Assam.

Aparnaa Mishra

Mrs Neena Vishnoi is from Saree Swag , wearing a beautiful mekhla chador in white and gold combination. She has beautifully embraced the purity , grace and beauty of Assam.

#4Coorgi saree from Karnataka :

The pristine and beautiful is draping style of Coorgi saree has its root from a mythological story. When Cauvery, the wife of Rishi Agastya transformed herself in a river to serve the mankind , Rishi Agastya tried to curb her from doing that in the process the pleats of the saree got pushed back ,since then the women of Coorg wear saree this way.This popular saree draping style hails from a small town Coorg , state Karnataka , which is known as Scotland of India. Pleats behind and end of the saree brought below the left shoulder and secured over neatly on the right shoulder. This style captures the exuberance of womanhood in it’s full glory and it helps them to climb on the tree or hilly slopes.The style has become very popular as it elevates the beauty of womanhood.

Mrs Lekha Ajit Kuttapa from Saree Swag , has draped Coorgi style saree representing the rich culture of Coorg with her effortless grace and elegance.

Aparnaa Mishra

#5Kerela style of saree draping :

This devine draping style of saree is from God’s own country Kerela. The white saree with golden pallu identifies the beauty of Kerala . There are two distinct ways found of draping saree.

#Namboothiri style :

This is namboothiri the oldest reminant of a saree worn in Kerela which used to cover the only upper part of the body. The mundum neriyathum is combination of mundum , the lower part of the garment and Neriyathum , the upper part of garment. The latter is tucked inside the blouse showcasing the golden border in front. In recent days this two piece namboothiri style is rarely worn .

Inspite of two set , I have tried draping the namboothiri style with six yards using authentic kerela saree by making the normal four wide pleats thereafter took the pallu part draped it around over the chest and back once keeping the hands outside and with the remaining pallu made 3 pleats and tucked in the blouse keeping the golden border in centre front. This is the namboothiri style with authentic six yards Kerela saree.

Aparnaa Mishra

#Kerela Settu- Mundu saree draping :

As the name itself suggests it’s two piece saree set worn traditionally in Kerela . Mundu is draped or wrapped around the waist and the other piece is draped over the shoulder as pallu.

Mrs Divya Menon from Saree Swag.

The settu adorned by Mrs Divya Menon is exclusive as it has beautiful mural painting on it accentuating the classic artform of the state. The temple jewelry enriches the traditional look.

#6Maharashtrian saree drape :

This beautiful drape hails from Maharashtra .This traditional Maharashtrian Nauvari is known as Nav Vari is nine yards saree worn by the women of Maharashtra. The name ‘Nauvari’ originated from saree’s length of nine yards. It gives appearance of a dhoti as the Maharashtra history revolves around warriors. The saree is neatly tucked behind and the upper part is worn like other normal sarees. It allows comfortable movement and speaks volumes about the strong , independent Marathi women.Mrs Sunita Singh is wearing Nauvari saree with elegance and poise.

Mrs Sunita Singh from Saree Swag, wearing a Nauvari saree with elegance and poise . Marthi nath or nosepin completes the look and the beautiful neckpiece and belt accentuates the feminity and beauty.

There are many more wonderful draping style to explore . It was really exciting the draping sarees in different styles and I thoroughly enjoyed it . I wish you all happy draping.

Special thanks to Mrs Leena Singh , Mrs Neena Vishnoi , Mrs Lekha Ajit Kuttapa , Mrs Divya Menon , Mrs Sunita Singh for contributing their pictures for representation of saree draping style and supporting otherwise this blog would have been incomplete.

Photo credits to all other pictures go to Alaainaah Mishra and Ojasvi Mishra.

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